Improve your presence on the web – Increase your profit

A presence on the web is a must for all businesses these days.

FREE 15 Minute Website Accessibility Check

Is your website accessible?

Remember, if people can’t use your site then they will go elsewhere. And, there is a legal requirement for websites to be accessible in the UK and many other countries  now.

We’re offering FREE 15 minute website accessibility checks to businesses and individuals. Let us check for common accessibility mistakes on your site and suggest some improvements.

Find out how to get a  FREE 15 Minute Website Accessibility Check today.

But how do you know that your website is effective in reaching all your potential customers? Can people easily find your site? Can people easily use your site once they’ve arrived?

An ineffective website runs the risk of alienating your potential customers. That can hurt your bottom line and drive business to your competitors.

An effective accessible website will help your business draw in new customers and keep your existing customers happy too.

How Coolfields Consulting can help you

Whether you already have a website or not, Coolfields Consulting can work with you to ensure that your web presence enables your business to use the power of the internet to build your business success.

With over fifteen years of website development and over ten years of web accessibility experience, we can provide you with websites that are attractive, accessible to as many people as possible, easy to use and easy to find.

Our services

Web Accessibility

Increase the number of visitors to your site by improving the accessibility. Remember, it’s also a legal requirement for websites to be accessible.

Let us help you with:

  • Accessibility testing and audits
  • Accessibility consultancy
  • Accessibility training

And don’t forget our free 15 minute web accessibility check – available to everyone.

Website Design and Development

We offer the following website development services:

  • Building attractive and effective websites
  • Making your website easy to use
  • Ensuring your website is easy to find
  • Providing hosting

Using Facebook? Using Twitter? We can also help you get the most out of social media.

Contact Coolfields Consulting today to find out how we can help you


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