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Reading Time: 3 minutesWebsite in 1 Day LogoNormally when we build websites for businesses and organisations the process can sometimes take a few weeks to come to fruition. We like to work at a speed that our client is comfortable with and typically will build a new website template from scratch based upon an agreed design.

Well now there is another way – Website In 1 Day – for those who need to or want to set up their business website quickly

So what do you need to know?

What is Website In 1 Day?

Website In 1 Day is a hands-on intensive training course to enable small businesses, organisations and individuals to build a usable, accessible and easily maintainable website for themselves in just one day.

We’ve chosen to use the power and flexibility of WordPress as the basis for the training and the websites that will be created. Using WordPress it is possible to create a superb and fully functioning website without any technical knowledge and without having to write a single line of HTML or programming code.

Who’s Involved?

Photo of Graham Armfield - Founder of Coolfields Consulting

Graham Armfield

Jonathan Hassell of Hassell Inclusion

Jonathan Hassell

I have teamed up with Jonathan Hassell from Hassell Inclusion to put together the Website In 1 Day training package.

Jonathan Hassell is a leading thinker and researcher in the digital inclusion and accessibility arena. After a successful 10 year plus career with the BBC Jonathan formed his own company Hassell Inclusion in 2011. He has authored the highly regarded ‘BS8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice’ British standard – a toolkit for all businesses large and small to help ensure the production of accessible websites that are fit for purpose.

I’m bringing my WordPress development and training skills into the mix to ensure that course delegates know how to maintain their newly created site. In order to help ensure your site is usable by the maximum number of potential customers I’ll be sharing some of my accessibility knowledge.

Who would benefit from the Website In 1 Day course?

Whether you’re looking to get your first website together quickly or perhaps to replace an existing website that’s hard to maintain the Website In 1 Day training initiative could well be for you.

If you want a simple website to show everyone your products or services, or a more complex site to fully engage with you customers the WordPress is the platform to be on. Given its blogging roots it’s no surprise to find that a blog can be directly integrated into your site rather than as an ‘add on’.

What will I get from Website In 1 Day?

The first thing you’ll get from it is a fully working live website that will be starting to attract customers straight away.

As well as the site itself you’ll also learn how to maintain the site so you can customise it however you want. We’ll teach you how to:

  • Use the principles of BS8878 to decide on your site’s aims
  • Think about your unique selling points
  • Add pages and blog posts to your site and maintain them
  • Simple authoring techniques that you can follow to ensure the accessibility of your site
  • Protect your site from spam comments
  • Use WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of your site
  • Integrate your site with a social media strategy.

You’ll also get the following:

  • One year’s free hosting for your site if required
  • Access to the course notes online

And after that?

During the one day training course we’ll help you get version 1 your website up and running. We’ll give you pointers as to how you can change the appearance of your site by swapping to another theme – and we’ll also alert you to any potential pitfalls with doing that.

After the course we’ll also give you access to an online forum where you can post questions to the tutors and fellow attendees.

If required we can provide more in-depth WordPress training for you or your colleagues – although this is not included in the price of the course.

How do I join?

Head over to the Website In 1 Day website and follow the links to the Booking page. There you’ll find instructions for booking along with some pre-requisites

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