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Order of Page Components

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Using CSS page layouts can free up web page layouts and make life easier for users by placing the main content of the page nearer the top.

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    Providing Skip Links in Your Pages

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    This post looks at a quick and easy way to make your site easier to use for those who rely on keystrokes to get about the internet.

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      Accessibility London Unconference 2010

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      Short report from the first Accessibility London Unconference (a11yLDN) at City University London in September 2010.

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        The Importance of the Print Stylesheet

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        What is a print stylsheet for? and why is it important?

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          Coolfields Consulting Now on Twitter

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          We’re now set up with a Twitter account and will be posting regular updates on what we’re up to and useful information that we come across. You can follow us at:

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            Key Differences Between WCAG1.0 and WCAG2.0

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            A brief comparison of the WCAG2.0 web accessibility guidelines approved in Dec 2008 against the WCAG1.0 guidelines from 1999 – including key differences.

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              Using Headings Properly

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              Within your web pages the correct use of headings is very important for two main reasons: 1) To signpost your content for your users, and 2) To help with search engine optimization (SEO).

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                Navigation – Where Are You?

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                Help your site visitors know where they are in your site hierarchy. They’ll thank you for it.

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                  Accessibilty vs Usability

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                  I thought it would be sensible to talk about the definitions of accessibility and usability as they relate to websites and web applications, since there still seems to be some confusion over the two concepts. It is important to note that they are not the same thing, but there is however an overlap between the two.

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                    Welcome to the Coolfields Consulting Blog

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                    Welcome to the Coolfields Consulting blog.

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