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Designing and Building Accessible Forms

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Introducing a series of posts on the best practices for making web forms accessible and some of the common pitfalls that can rob web forms of accessibility.

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Web Accessibility – Types of Disability

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The key to a full understanding of web accessibility is an understanding of the different types of disability and how those who live with those impairments cope with using the internet.

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Order of Page Components

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Using CSS page layouts can free up web page layouts and make life easier for users by placing the main content of the page nearer the top.

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Providing Skip Links in Your Pages

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This post looks at a quick and easy way to make your site easier to use for those who rely on keystrokes to get about the internet.

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The Importance of the Print Stylesheet

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What is a print stylsheet for? and why is it important?

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Using Headings Properly

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Within your web pages the correct use of headings is very important for two main reasons: 1) To signpost your content for your users, and 2) To help with search engine optimization (SEO).

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Navigation – Where Are You?

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Help your site visitors know where they are in your site hierarchy. They’ll thank you for it.

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