Spiralinks Case Study

Web application accessibility test

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Spiralinks is a systems integration and development company building custom and packaged business systems deployed through the web.

Coolfields Consulting were asked to carry out an accessibility review of a bespoke web-based application Spiralinks had developed for a large financial organisation. The application was to be tested against the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and the aim was to ensure that the web application was usable by those with disabilities such as blindness or motor impairment.

After initial agreement of the scope of the review we performed the test and updated Spiralinks with progress to an agreed timetable. Where areas of the application failed to meet the guidelines, we provided techniques and example solutions directly to the technical developers to show them how to improve the accessibility of the application. Project Managers at Spiralinks were also briefed during a series of teleconference calls.

The accessibility test was carried out using a variety of tools and utilising the accessibility experience that Coolfields Consulting have built up over many years.

Spiralinks were very happy with the way we had carried out the test and as a result the application was much more accessible than it had previously been.


Contact us today if you need someone to check that your website, or web application is accessible. Free 15 minute acessibility checks are also available.

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