Web Accessibility Presentations

Graham Armfield is an experienced web accessibility professional. As well advising our clients on accessibility and carrying out accessibility testing, he also likes to share his knowledge with others.

Graham Armfield giving a web accessibility presentation at WordCamp London

Graham Armfield presenting at WordCamp London

As well as writing blogs and other articles on web accessibility, Graham also gives many presentations on the subject. He can often be found at meetups and conferences – both large and small – spreading the word on web accessibility.

His background in corporate IT has given Graham the ability to pitch his presentations at a variety of levels. He can deliver high level business case presentations to management, and more technical presentations for user interface designers and developers.

If you’re organising or are involved with an event and you’d like Graham to come and present on accessibility issues then please get in touch with us to talk about it.

Subjects Graham has covered

  • Introduction to accessibility – what it is, and why it’s important.
  • How people with disabilities use the internet – including demonstrations of assistive technology.
  • Building a business case for accessibility
  • Can I build an accessible website with WordPress?
  • How to test your website for accessibility
  • Coding forms for accessibility
  • Using ARIA – simple to more complicated
  • Simple techniques to enhance accessibility in your website

You can view a selection of Graham’s presentation slides on Slideshare.

Upcoming speaking events

Currently Graham doesn’t have any public speaking events booked, but he’s hoping to present on accessibility at WordCamp London 2016 in April, and WordCamp Europe in June.

As well as the presentation subjects mentioned above, Graham is writing a presentation on building accessible accordions for your website. Widgets like accordions and tab panels are used extensively in websites and although they are easy to build using scripting libraries like jQuery, it’s not so easy to the accessibility right. Graham’s new presentation will show you how, and form an introduction to ARIA – a series of attributes that can help make scripted widgets accessible for everyone.

Contact Coolfields Consulting today if you’d like Graham to deliver an accessibility presentation at your event.

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