Accessibility London 2011 Presentations

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Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Accessibility London 2011 Unconference recently took place at City University in London. The event was very successful – the tickets once again being snapped up very quickly.

The full schedule from the day can be found on the Accessibility London website but this post contains a brief run down of the presentations I gave.

Introduction to web accessibility

As with last year I gave the opening presentation – entitled ‘Introduction to Web Accessibility’. I talked briefly about a definition for web accessibility and what it meant for the population at large. I looked at why accessibility is important – from the perspectives of inclusivity, financial benefits and the legal obligation and who can actually deliver accessibility.

I touched on the various types of disability but focussed more on the conference theme of cognitive impairment, considering what that really means and the difficulties the cognitively impaired face – along with some possible solutions.

See SlideShare for my slide deck from this presentation: Introduction to Web Accessibility

Help! My brain hurts! – The confusing world of WCAG 2.0 and cognitive impairments

Originally this presentation was going to be deliovered by Grant Broome from Hanona Digital Inclusion but unfortunately he was not well so I stepped in to deliver it for him.

The aim of the presentation was to cover a selection of the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines that relate to cognitive impairment. I attempted to explain what each guideline meant and how implementing them could make using the web easier for those with cognitive impairments.

I focussed on guidelines in the areas of:

  • Timed events
  • Audio on a webpage
  • Handling focus and user input
  • Signposting structure and location
  • Signposting destinations
  • Words and meaning
  • Handling errors

I’ll be blogging about some of these issues in more detail over time as the cognitive impairment aspects of WCAG are not thought about as often as visual impairments or motor impairments. My slide deck for this presentation is also on Slideshare: WCAG2 Guidelines and Cognitive Impairment

Many other of the Accessibility London presentations are on Slideshare too.

Any comments?

If you’ve got comments on any of the points covered in this post (or any of the others) I’d be glad to hear them. Likewise if you feel I’ve missed something please let me know. You can leave a comment using the comment form below.

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