Dragon Naturally Speaking Video 4 – Dictating Text

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Reading Time: 2 minutesThis is the fourth video in my series showing the basic operation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Dragon Naturally Speaking is voice recognition software, and is used by many people with motor impairments who have difficulty using a mouse and/or keyboard to operate their computers and laptop.

In this video I show how to dictate text into a wordprocessing document – Microsoft Word in this case.

Hi, this is Graham Armfield from Coolfields consulting. In this video I’m going to demonstrate using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate text into a wordprocessing document.

When I’m in an application like Microsoft Word, Dragon will let me dictate into it. You can talk at a normal talking pace and it’s pretty good at understanding what you’re saying.

Wake up.

Here I am with a brand-new document. Full stop, New line.

I’ve trained my copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking so it’s pretty good at recognising all the words that I use. Full stop, New line

Notice that I’m speaking the punctuation that I wish to use. Full stop. There is a setting to allow Dragon NaturallySpeaking to add punctuation automatically, comma, but I prefer to speak it manually, open brackets, as it were, close brackets, full stop, new line.

If I want to create a list, I can do that too colon First item make that bulleted new line

Another item new line

Yet another item new line

Make that not bulleted. And now I’m back to normal paragraphs again. Full stop, new line

I can also do the same for a numbered list. Make that numbered, New line

And here is my next item. Full stop. New line

Make this not numbered. And now once again we’re back to paragraphs. Full stop, new line.

If you want to cause a word to have a capital letter at the start then you need to use the cap command, and you’ll notice that the word command there has a capital letter. Full stop.

Go to sleep

What’s next?

The next video in the series covers editing and formatting text within a wordprocessing document.

See the rest of the series

I’ll be uploading the rest of the videos when I’ve prepared all the captions. But here is a list of the ones I’ve done so far.

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