Dragon Naturally Speaking Video 9 – Internet Forms

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Reading Time: 2 minutesDragon NaturallySpeakingThis is the ninth video in my series about using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software and it looks at the commands you need to use in Dragon to work with internet forms.

In the video we see how important it is that the form fields and labels are marked up correctly.

The next (and final) video in the Dragon series will focus on emulating drag and drop functionality using speech commands.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Graham Armfield from Coolfields Consulting. In this video we’re going to look at how you can interact with web forms in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Dragon has a whole series of commands to work with internet forms, which make navigating and completing the forms easy, without having to emulate mouse movement.

This page has been specially constructed to include examples of all form elements. To choose an input field use the command ‘Click’ followed by the input type. Dragon will highlight all the options of that type, and then I can say ‘Choose’ followed by the appropriate number. So, let’s fill out some details.

Wake up, Click text field, Choose 1, Graham, Choose 2, Armfield, Click check box, Choose  1, Choose 2, Click radio button, Choose 3, Go to sleep

To access the options in a select box I need to use some extra commands.

Wake up, Click list box, Choose 2, Show choices, Choose  Penne, Hide choices, Go to sleep

Note that when I was working with the choices in the pasta dropdown box the selection did not move when I made a choice. I’m not quite sure why that is but when I issued the ‘Hide choices’ command you can see that my chosen option is there.

It’s also possible to select a specific field using the associated label – assuming that they’ve been set properly. I know that the ones in this form have, so I’ll show you that.

Wake up, Click first name, Click describe yourself, Go to sleep

To submit the form using one of the buttons, you can just say ‘Click button name’. Wake up, Click submit, Go to sleep.

Sometimes with Dragon, unexpected things happen because Dragon has misunderstood what you meant. For example, note the close button on that form and see what happens when I try to click it with a voice command.

Wake up, Click close, Go to sleep

That happened because Dragon takes the command ‘Click close’ as a command to close whatever the active window is. Probably most Dragon users will know that things like that can happen.

So there we are, some basic form interaction.

What next?

In the next video in the series I show how to emulate drag and drop functionality when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The rest of the series

Here are links to the ones I’ve done so far.


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